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Oh! My G"O"OD


¿Qué está pasando en la Casa de Dios?

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En el año 1954 la comisión de la Falla del Foc encargó el diseño y la creación del monumento fallero al artista conceptual Salvador Dalí….


Salvador Dali calls himself a bad painter…

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R: What’s it like to be the most famous painter in the world?

D: I don´t know if I am the most famous painter in the world because lots of peole who ask for my autograph in the street don´t know if I´m a singer, a film star, a madman, a writer, they don´t know what I am.

“Bonjour, Good Morning
is now for the first time
Dali born
with any kind of traumatism.
A little blood,
symbolic blood
and milk
again milk of today born
and some symbolic fish
of Mediterranean people
This is the blood of Gala
and the blood of the Divine Dali…”

R: What do you think you´ve contributed to art?

D: To Art, nothing, absolutely nothing because as I’ve always said I´m a very bad painter because I´m too intelligent to be a good painter. To be a good painter you´ve got to be a bit stupid….

R: And to life?

D: With the exception of Velazquez who in a genius whose talent surpasses the art of paintg. And to life I owe everything because the day that Dali paints a picture as good as Velazquez, Vermeer, or Raphael… or music like Mozart… the next week he´ll die, so I prefer to paint bad Pictures and live longer.




“Cada vez que me acerco más a Salvador Dalí el se aleja más de mi” by Salvador Dalí

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Interview – Circa 1963


Salvador Dalí ­

Entrevista Soler Serrano – 1/8‬‏

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2WJu32WxAw&feature=related (más…)

‪Salvador Dali on “What’s My Line?”‬‏

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Salvador Dalí – Genio y más que figura…

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Dalí Atomicus



100 años de Dalí

100 años de Dalí: Barcelona, Madrid, Venecia, Rotterdam, Tokio y San Petesburgo, sedes de los festejos


www.ojodigital.com_Fotos con Historia 32 (18.06.08) Philippe Halsman, “Dalí Atomicus”



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